Raw Food Workshop

This past weekend I was lucky to be part of the Raw Food workshop with Gaby Wieland at the Organic Centre. Gaby is a true force of nature and a huge inspiration. In her sixties, and still recovering from a double hip operation, it had been just two days since Gaby came off her crutches, and you would hardly know it. Gaby has the energy and vitality of a 25 year old, and I loved her immediately when she said, “Always have chocolate mousse in the fridge!”. That would be raw avocado chocolate mousse of course.

IMG_8905 copy

IMG_8906 copy IMG_8916 copy IMG_8920 copy IMG_8922 copy IMG_8924 copy IMG_8930 copy IMG_8932 copy IMG_8934 copy IMG_8937 copy IMG_8945 copy IMG_8948 copy IMG_8950 copy IMG_8954 copy IMG_8962 copy IMG_8964 copy IMG_8966 copy IMG_8968 copy IMG_8983 copy IMG_8987 copy IMG_8991 copy IMG_8993 copy IMG_8997 copy IMG_8998 copy IMG_9000 copy IMG_9001 copy IMG_9007 copy IMG_9011 copy IMG_9016 copy IMG_9019 copy IMG_9022 copy IMG_9023 copy IMG_9024 copy IMG_9025 copy IMG_9028 copy



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