Hare Krishna Island

A couple of weekends ago my intrepid explorer classmates and I set off for Inis Rath, also known as Hare Krishna Island (http://www.krishnaisland.com/). We only got a tiny bit lost on the way there, which was a chance to stop at an old abandoned petrol station. Arriving at the dock, we waited to board a precarious but jolly motor boat which teetered slightly but carried men, women, children and dogs over and back to the island – the sturdier looking bright yellow “Govindadwipa Ferry” is currently undergoing maintenance. Ambling up to the temple, the beat of the music and chanting reached us. Once we had removed our shoes and were invited to wave our hands over a candle flame as a blessing, we joined in to dance and chant and enjoy the warm welcome. After an energetic session we were invited to listen to a talk on karma and bliss, and join in the delicious vegetarian feast. Afterwards we took a walk, delighted by peacocks and the beautiful surroundings of Inis Rath. When I got home, I had to smile when I saw that new calves and their mamas had been moved in to the field in front of my cottage.

IMG_9039 copy

IMG_9041 copy IMG_9048 copy IMG_9057 copy IMG_9059 copy IMG_9080 copy IMG_9094 copy IMG_9097 copy IMG_9099 copy IMG_9100 copy IMG_9102 copyIMG_9142 copy

IMG_9135 copy

IMG_9132 copy

IMG_9128 copy

IMG_9127 copy

IMG_9125 copy

IMG_9109 copy

IMG_9104 copy

IMG_9144 copy

IMG_9151 copy

IMG_9152 copy

IMG_9158 copy


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